Reminder! Guest Lecture by Daryl Fedje: Sea Levels and Archaeology on the Northwest Coast

The VIU Department of Anthropology and Anthropology Student Club are pleased to present a free public lecture by

Daryl Fedje

Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria

Sea Levels and Archaeology on the Northwest Coast

The early archaeological record on the BC coast is poorly known, partly as a consequence of relative sea level change. Sea level history varies considerably along the coast with early shorelines having shifted rapidly during early post-glacial to early Holocene time. On parts of the coast early shorelines are now drowned up to 150 m while in other parts they are stranded 150 m or more above modern levels. By developing regional sea level histories, archaeologists are now able to design investigations to locate archaeological sites dating to this early time.

Daryl Fedje’s research interests are focused on Quaternary paleoecology and the early human history of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Where: VIU Nanaimo campus, Building 356, Lecture Hall 109

When: Tuesday January 28, 2014, 11:30 AM – 12:50 PM


Daryl Fedje VIU ANTH Talk

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