Course offerings – Cowichan campus 2014/15

Course offerings at Vancouver Island University Cowichan Campus 2014/2015

ANTH 111 (3) Introductory Anthropology: Physical Anthropology /Archaeology
An introduction to the theories, methods and research findings of physical/biological anthropology and archaeology, focusing on the origin and evolution of humans and of cultures.
Research Project: archeological site map, making a tool without the use of modern materials or technology, and creating a replica of an Upper Paleolithic sculpture.

ANTH 112 (3) Introductory Anthropology: Sociocultural Anthropology
A cross-cultural approach to sociocultural anthropology, involving both simple and complex societies. Topics include the relationship between anthropology and the philosophy of science, cultural ecology, systems of government, supernatural beliefs and practices, marriage and the family, law and social control, economy, age and gender, art and aesthetics, technology, and the dynamics of cultural change.
Projects: your family history

NOTE: The following two courses are taught together
ANTH 267 (3) Anthropology of Education
An introduction to the basic concepts, theories, and methodologies of anthropology of education. Topics include cross-cultural methods of transmission and retention of cultural and social knowledge; linguistic diversity; and the history of education in Canada including segregation, assimilation, integration and multiculturalism. Major units of analysis include gender, ethnicity, and class.
Prerequisite: Second-year standing or permission of instructor.
ANTH 307 (3) Culture and Education in Global Context
A cross-cultural analysis of education addressing cultural, social, political, and economic dynamics in North America and abroad. Topics include ethnography in the classroom; critical analysis of multicultural, anti-racist, and indigenous forms of education; theories of cultural difference and production; and practical implications for students and teachers. Prerequisite: Third-year standing.
Projects: TBA

ANTH 280 (3) Oral Tradition Through Time: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
An introduction to the oral traditions of various cultures. Topics include oral history methodology, research ethics, the role of the researcher, the joint construction of life history documents, and the value of oral history research as a resource to the community. Prerequisite: ANTH 112 or ANTH 121 or permission of instructor.
Research Project: recording a life history

ANTH 316 (3) The Anthropology of Homelessness
An examination of homelessness in a cross-cultural perspective. Topics include urban homelessness; rural homeless-ness; possible pathways out of homelessness; local initiatives; gender and age; identity and place; and diasporas and diaspora communities. Prerequisite: Third-year standing or permission of the instructor.
Projects: community based research (TBA) and participation in Cowichan Valley Homelessness Action Week

For information, contact: Helene Demers or Imogene Lim (chair)

Anthropology: The study of humankind in all places and in all times
Respect, Cross-Cultural Awareness, and Cross-Cultural Understanding