Story Gathering Project

A new project, Contact-No Contact, supervised by Randy Fred of Nanaimo with Geist magazine and funded by the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter: 2017 and Beyond, offers you the opportunity to share a personal story.

From the project website:

Contact No Contact is a gathering of personal contact narratives created by writers and storytellers. We have collected stories—short narratives in writing and on video—on the subject of contact: how contact appears in our lives and our memories and how we encounter our own culture as well as the culture of others.

Contact No Contact is designed to welcome Canadians into a conversation that they might otherwise feel excluded from, by considering “how Contact started” (or failed to start) in their own lives, and then how it went on from there—that is, how did “Further Contact” emerge or fail to emerge in their lives?

Don’t be shy!  If you have something to say, submit your story.  I have.