Anthropology Club Award

In 2002, members of the student club (formerly the Malaspina Anthropology Club, aka MAC) wanted to establish an award for those majoring in anthropology.  For such an award in perpetuity, the VIU Foundation Office was approached to determine the initial amount necessary.  In brain-storming fund-raising methods, a head shave was suggested as one of the students was already sporting a shorn pate (see below).  Dr. Imogene Lim offered her hair should the target figure of $3000 be reached.

Denis and Imogene

Hair comparison: Denis and Imogene (before)

Imogene and Denis

Hair comparison: Imogene & Denis (after)

As the photos imply, the club achieved its goal; in fact, it raised more than $3000. As part of the “event,” Rich Johnston, VIU’s President, was barber-of-the day doing the honours.

Note that it was winter when the campaign began, with the head shave scheduled just before Study Week.

After two years, with continued support to the trust fund, the Department was able to present its first Anthropology Club Awards.

From two annual awards in 2004, the Department is now able to increase the initial amount of $150 per award to $500.

Private donors and ASC continue to contribute financially to this award.  With more interest available, additional awards can be given and/or an increased sum of money.

Apply for the Anthropology Club Award!

Rich does the honours

Rich Johnston doing the honours

Buzz-cut first

Off with her hair!

Here’s the original fund-raising text:

The government’s funding cutbacks will severely impact student access to education.  Malaspina Anthropology Club is seeking to raise $3000 to create a dedicated scholarship in perpetuity.
Imogene Lim, anthropology instructor, is offering her head to be shaved by the highest donor as an incentive to raise the necessary funds.  So far, Rich Johnston, President of Mal U, has offered $500.  Equivalent or higher pledges take priority.  The head shave will take place Wednesday, February 20, at noon in the Welcome Centre.  Any donation of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

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