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Timetable Spring 2016

Scheduled course offerings with instructors’ names and room locations.

Scholarships and Awards

VIU’s Department of Anthropology administers two dedicated awards for anthropology students: the Anthropology Club Award and the WorldBridger Award. The latter, which replaces the Essex and Kent/Stephen Salem Award (2008-2011), is named after the WorldBridger Film Series. An Anthropology Club Award has been given every year in the spring since 2004.

Besides reviewing the opportunities listed through VIU’s Financial Aid & Awards, you should also look at funding listed and/or offered through International Education (e.g., One World Scholarships).  International offers an Education Abroad stipend, between $350 and $1000, based on length of time away.  As well, government sponsored awards are listed under Education Abroad funding.  For students undertaking research and/or wishing to present at a conference, look at the funding available through the Office of Research & Scholarly Activity.  It also offers tips on preparing a successful research application, as well identifying graduate funding sources (left side bar).

VIU Library’s Research Guide for Anthropology

Here’s your one-stop resource–from citations to reference materials to organisations and associations that are specific to anthropology.

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