Background on FFKF

ASC has been supporting students at Farkwa Secondary School since 2007 when the Tanzanian Field School first visited it.  As of 2012, ASC has provided a portion of a student’s boarding fee through Fostering Futures for Kids in Farkwa (FFKF).  The article, Fostering African Futures, from Gippsland Magazine, Winter Edition 2015, provides the background to FFKF’s origin.  It describes how friends and family of Rosie Broughton came together to support Farkwa students.  Rosie married into a Farkwa family and after living in the village became aware of the challenges faced by those seeking a secondary education.  Through FFKF, students are sponsored with a day or boarding scholarship.  The majority of sponsors are Australian (living in Gippsland).

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Homelessness Action Week, Oct 13-19, Cowichan

Many individuals often talk about making a difference–often in far off lands.  Here’s your opportunity to contribute to your community, specifically the Cowichan Valley.  Social Planning Cowichan’s Affordable Housing Project is looking for donations of items  for the care packages they will be distributing during Homelessness Action Week, as well as, volunteers.

From Joy Emmanual, Social Planning Cowichan:

Homelessness Action Week is coming up – October 13-19.  This year we are hosting an event at Duncan United Church Hall on Wednesday, October 16 called: Connect-In – A Day of Direct Services for the Homeless.  We are inviting a number of different community agencies and service providers to participate (Legal Aid, First Aid, Public Health, ID Replacement and also barbers, hand message, chiropractors, etc.) The intent is to have all these services available in one location where homeless and low income people may access them. A meal will also be provided.

If you are interested in donating or helping  with this event – either before the event or at it – please contact Joy at:
Joy Emmanuel
Coordinator – Affordable Housing Project
Social Planning Cowichan
250-746-1004 Ext 260

Items we are looking for as part of care packages for 60 to 80 guests during Homelessness Action Week – Connect-In: Day of Services:

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Work Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Boots
  • Back Packs
  • Sewing Kits
  • First Aid Items
  • Foot wear
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Granola Bars, Juice Box
  • Flashlights
  • Hats, scarves, mitts, rain gear
  • Razors
  • Nail Clippers

Update from Farkwa Secondary School

As has been mentioned, ASC has raised funds to support Farkwa Secondary School since 2007.  Last year FFKF (an NGO) made ASC aware that one of the students needed assistance with boarding costs.  Here’s the mid-year report regarding the student:

Can you please pass on this report to the Anthropology Students club.  If you recall from last year, they have come to the rescue of Auzelia who needed extra assistance to pay for boarding costs.

Results for Auzelia:    Academic Progress –  satisfactory.     Attendance – excellent.

It is very hard for the secondary students as the medium of instruction is English language; and while they do learn English at primary school, they know very little when they start secondary school. In fact, English is their third language, after their tribal language and then the national language of Swahili. It can be a real struggle for them in the first year or two of secondary school.

Few students are given more than a satisfactory or good for progress. So at this stage I think Auzelia is doing OK.

As well, here are some photos illustrating the contributions made in supporting the students and the school.

Plot and "green house" for vegetable seedlings.

Plot and “green house” for vegetable seedlings.

School garden (2)

School garden to provide better nutrition for lunches.


School library

School library showing many of the books provided by FFKF, which ASC has helped to support with its fundraising.