Poinsettia Assignment Overview

Poinsettia Project Outline

Assignment Due Date: No later than 11:59pm on December 6, 2020

This assignment is worth 55% of your final mark in this course.

In HORT 161T – Production, students will work in small groups at the GR Paine greenhouses and individually at home to grow poinsettias over a period of 18 weeks.  Throughout this course and assignment, students will learn how to design and execute a production schedule, and all that is involved in growing a poinsettia crop from potting until sales. 

For this assignment students will be required to monitor, track, and make decisions that will impact the commercial crop and their home crop to keep it on schedule.  Students will use VIUBlogs to record their observations and crop progress.  Students can use any theme in VIUBlogs and their blog can be individualized using custom fonts, colours, and pictures.

However, students MUST include the 7 headings listed below and post their grow information in the appropriate heading section. Students can view my blog as an example and to access commercial crop information.

If students choose to use outside sources, they MUST be cited using correct APA formatting.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this project, students will be able to:

  • Plan, monitor and support a greenhouse poinsettia crop from start to finish.
  • Recognize the possible effects of a variety of negative and positive variables on the cycles and the growth of plants in a greenhouse setting.
  • Create a detailed crop schedule and utilize it throughout the growing cycles of poinsettias.
  • Recognize the markers that exist between various cycles and apply various skills and techniques at key moments in those cycles.
  • Collect and interpret environmental data and crop information to make decisions that will impact and direct crop growth.
  • Reflect on significant moments of learning within this project.
  • Analyze a variety of marketing and selling techniques and contribute to a class-wide sales strategy.