Today at the start I was very nervous and what people were going to think of me. after a while i started to calm down because of the mentors that i saw that were also on tribal journeys with me. i really started to get along with people and started to become more confident. after i got the dorm i was so excited and felt responsible because people actually trusted me with my own keys and people actual look at my like i am not just a kid. just today has been great and everyone has been great to me. the things that were set up for us were so much fun i loved doing yoga and the poems but i think the most exciting part of my day was when i got my own dorm and actually knew that i was going to stay in the dorm for 3 nights and when i wake up there are activities set up for me. when i reflect on the day all i could think about is all the amazing people i met and i am going to meet the experience is just one part but the people i am going to meat and make friends with is going to be great. i am so excited to learn new things and do things i would not be able to do on my own.  🙂