Thuy'she'num Tu Smun'eem

Building a foundation for our youth

EJ, Day 1

The rabbits and flowers are neat-o to look at.

I was pleasantly surprised  by how much fun this has been so far. I thought I’d be nervous or somewhat reserved. I also wasn’t too excited about it being in Nanaimo because I thought I knew the place. This campus has been overwhelming because I didn’t think of it as top-tier college, clearly it is. I’m actually thinking of this place as destination for me after high school because the mentors  have been such great people. I also love the idea of Cousins and the center they have here.

Once I first showed up and seen our actual schedule and other students I was somewhat bummed. I noticed there wasn’t a whole lot of us and we also had a packed schedule. At the end of the day,I feel that has brought us closer.

It was saddening to hear about what happened to the Oka peoples. Although I probably shouldn’t be surprised, the segregating forces have been in play for way too long and have been stapled in every aboriginals mind. I feel the poem really captured the essence of the Oka women.

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  1. Awesome job

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