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Building a foundation for our youth

Sierra Pelkey day 1

Today was the first day of camp, and well it went relatively the same as how I thought it would turn out. The first day of camp is normally reserved for introductions, orientation, and basic guidelines to follow throughout  our time here. But I was surprised to see we had time for as much as we did. It’s my first time coming to this camp (I have been to the campus before but only on brief campus tours), but I have been to others with similar agendas and methods. I wasn’t feeling my best today because I woke up earlier than I usually do and I kept forgetting to fill my water bottle so I found it was harder to concentrate more than usual. I hope I didn’t miss anything too vitally important .What I want to learn from being here is anything at all about attending a  secondary education institution and the transition from high school to university life on a day to day basis. And any an all opportunities that are reasonably obtainable and accessible that I can proceed to strive for the goals I currently have as well as deciphering any  hidden passions I may have to adapt any big picture objectives. But I’m pretty much open to learning anything new.

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  1. there was this comic book that we found too!!!

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