Thuy'she'num Tu Smun'eem

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Sylvester Paul day one

the first day

hello my name is Sylvester Paul i am very happy here at this VIU summer camp, this first   day as been such an amazing day for me although it’s only 1/4 days here but this day has been kind of boring but i don’t mind because the beginning is one of the hardest day’s there is, but i really enjoyed the tours here walking around this big campus, on one point of the tour we saw this amazing pawn that had some fish in it. at first i thought i was going to be that one quiet kid there and not participate in any activities here but surprisingly i got pretty comfortable here and kind of met some new friends, after i got my dorm we went to our writing class which was great i learned about the OKA crisis and read this poem with this person named Don, but that was one of the best classes I’ve been in.     my high light here at this camp is when we did yoga, this is my first time doing yoga and I’m not going to lie it felt great



  1. we found a comicbooooooooook , still haven’t read it…. ask me anytime if you want to read the mysterious comic book

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