Our second day is coming to an end and it sure was a busy one! I am very proud of everyone today, for getting up early and powering through the day’s activities with such open attitudes.

The True Colours workshop was great fun, and was a good way to get everyone hanging out with, and getting to know, different people. You might begin to recognize what colours people are when you go back to school and to work, and be able to figure out what each others strengths are.

The S’mores exercise with Lynda was fun too, and a great excuse to get out onto the beach.  I never thought about marshmallows and graham crackers having meaning before!

The Military Museum was way more fun than I had expected, to be honest. It was neat to see a whole wall dedicated to the Indigenous people who made huge impacts in the wars that Canada has fought. It made me think about how we are lucky to be alive and not have to fight any wars.

Break-out Nanaimo sounds like it was pretty exciting and I wish I had been there!

The Talking Circle was a beautiful experience tonight. I am so impressed that everyone has been willing to share their thoughts in the talking circles and on this blog site. It’s not always easy but it will make you a stronger person for getting it out! We, as Indigenous people, have a lot to be proud of. We each have a story, and we are each on different paths. The hard times that we have gone through help shape who we are, but they don’t have to define us. We are our own stories.

I’m excited for tomorrow and whatever it brings.