Today i woke up from my first night at camp. i honestly thought this camp wasn’t going to be so much fun and exciting. waking up at 7:00 wasn’t the most exciting part but i woke up knowing that there was a lot of fun stuff lined up for me. when i went to breakfast i felt like an adult, i felt really responsible in charge of myself and having to take care of myself. after fueling up on some really great food. after the breakfast we did a true colours workshop. the true colours was about what your personality is like. after some tests about how i am like everyone got into groups i got to meet people that do things that i do and get to know more people that are sort of like me. i really enjoyed it because i got to learn more about me and understand what i am like.

we all went to go to the beach after true colours to have smor’es and reflect on are self more. it was sort of interesting seeing peoples thoughts of the beach because they have never seen it before and i live right next to it

going downtown after the true colours workshop was great because i could use what i learned to the test. downtown we ate lunch and went to the military museum. i got to learn about the roles of women in the army and how indigenous people helped in the military.

break-out nanaimo was right after the museum. break-out is were you got “locked” in a room for as hour and  get riddles on how you get out. it was really fun and being in the room was really interesting because you get to see how people are under pressure.

after break-out we got to come back to the campus and get to relax.  after a long day. after in are dorms for a while we headed to dinner and had a talking circle and i got to reflect on what it means to be first nations to me.

i really love being at this summer camp it is an amazing experience for me and it is defiantly a new one.