today was a fun day, i went to beach and i made smores. I loved the  true colors workshop, I’m a blue boy  and I found out I wasn’t angry, I was afraid of your guys’ judgment so I retaliated with anger. I also went to  Break out Nanamio. break out nanaimo is where there are 3 different rooms and you need to escape it, to make it pressuring, you have an hour to escape. we lost, but I had fun. In our talking circle tonight we talked about what it means to be indigenous and it was emotional, it was supposed to be that way I guess. I almost cried when it was my turn cause I talked about things I never told anybody, even you guys, even though you have a little suspection of what it already is through my attitude and feelings. I love you guys lots and I will see you in 2 days now! can you guys believe it’s almost time for me to come home?! I love you lots and I’ll see you on Monday noon. I love you, bye-bye