During the morning we did ‘True Colors’ , and I learned a lot about myself and others during it. It made me realize there are people like me, because I felt there weren’t many people like me. ┬áDuring the beach s’more activity it made me think about what what I want to do with my life after high school. Thinking about that made me happy because I have many opportunities I can receive from my Nation. The Military museum we went to taught us a lot about the indigenous people that went to the various different wars and came back with various different of high ranking medals, such as acts of valor. Learning about these people made me more proud to be indigenous because they showed that we can be brave and smart. The ‘Break out Nanaimo’ made us work together in groups and it made a lot of us closer to each other and made us build bonds with each other. I enjoyed today because I got to learn a lot about myself and others.