Today was quite an adventure but it felt at first like I had to drag myself out of bed. Although having a routine and reason was enticing enough for me. I’m beginning to know so many people at this camp, I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity. After breakfast we went back to the Shq’apthut ( a building where we do activities and eat our meals) and sat down to learn more about our personalities with the True colors, I discovered that as a Green oriented person I’m very analytical  and thrive in situations  where I can act/think independently on my own. But I had taken the test before and scored with the highest in blue and I was sort of expecting to the same results so I’m wondering what the changes were in my personality from a month ago (that’s when I last took the True colors test) to now. When that session was done we had a snack then got ready to leave for an outdoor activity on the beach with Linda Robinson, which I found calming and relaxing but there were quite a few wasps nests that were concerning.  By the time we were finished it was almost time for lunch so we went back on the bus to go Maffeo Sutton, to have a sort of picnic lunch. In the talking circle although it was daunting it was refreshing to remedy myself of some toxic thoughts and feelings by sharing them. when we came out of the Shq’apthut it had begun to rain and it made me believe that those thoughts I had were being washed away so didn’t have to be burdened by them any longer.  Thank you to the people in the circle who were patient with me and listened it really helped.