today was a really fun day but to me there to begin with  we started the day  off with true colors activity, but with this activity i learned that my true color is blue, but there’s some more color’s like green, orange and gold.     to begin with blue is a nice and caring person my second color is gold or orange because those two colors even.                                   what i found out about blue is they are peace keeper’s,  enjoy being in small groups to solve problems,  but also the true color of blue does not do well in class if they feel unappreciated but lastly blue is not very competitive.             after we did true colors we went to this awesome military museum that had a lot of things that where from the Boer war which actually i thought was pretty interesting for me speaking personally and our tour guide let some of us look at this bullet and told us that there is a part in this bullet that has led inside of it and it would go straight through the person and would have to go to the hospital and pay for the fund themselves which wasn’t really great back then to i guess, but i’m going to be well be honest i kind of forgot what Logan our tour guide told me except the weapons that was shown at the museum.  than shortly after that we went to this ” break out” place that locked a little group of us in and we had to find clues to get out with in an hour.  there was about three different themes that was held there,     there was the prison like theme,   a 1980’s theme and this wild life theme.   i am pretty sure the prison like theme was the easy theme because i was in that one, my group finished first but we had about 2;00 mins or 1;40 mins