This is my first/last post! This camp has been a whirlwind. I’ve enjoyed the mix of cultural, academic, and recreational activities we’ve explored together so far. I am incredibly moved by the students – they way they’ve demonstrated their leadership by being gentle with one another, working together, and trying new things has been amazing. When speaking to what being Indigenous means to them – every student shared honest and raw reflections and supported one another as we learned that we are all at a different stage of our cultural journey. I feel inspired by these young leaders and I am so grateful that this group decided to join us for Thuy’she’num Tu Smun’eem.  I hope to see everyone next year, and witness even more growth. I know you will all continue walking in a good way and remember your family has grown this weekend!

Malakai, Ethan, Brooklyn, Sylvester, Travis, Landon, Kobe, Colby, Emily, Sierra, Eliza, and Talela:

You are “resilient as a weed and beautiful as a wildflower” (Christi Belcourt) and you are making a difference in this world.