Today started off with a refreshing walk through the woods on Snuneymuxw territory. Uncle Gary and his wife Donna shared a lot of their knowledge with us about the importance of cedar. We split into two groups, the guys with Gary and the gals with Donna, and did some cleansing in the river.  It felt amazing to let go of any negative energy and leave it behind to be swept away by the water.



We went to a naming ceremony in Qualicum, which was an honour to be a part of, as it is usually reserved for the big house.  It was great to see Uncle Gary in action, singing and rattling in such an important ceremony. It went on a little too long for most of us – it’s hard to sit for hours witnessing – but everyone handled it really well and we celebrated with pizza in the park after.

It’s hard to believe this is our last night as a group, especially since we are all just really getting to know each other. I hope each of you has made at least a few new friends that you will keep in touch with.  Feel free to check in on this blog whenever you want and download the photos you like.

As a mentor, it is my hope that we have inspired each of you in some way to become more confident in yourselves and the educational and cultural journeys you are on. We are all very proud of how far you have come in just a few days. You have inspired us as well, and we are confident in our future leaders – you!