Today started off off with an early start which wasn’t too bad but it made me more tired than usual, but going to breakfast helped because of the music I guess. After that we went to Shq’apthut to wait until we were already to go to meet Uncle Gary for a morning walk to go cleanse ourselves, which I found very tranquil and freeing. When we got back we had a break to eat lunch and hang out until it was time to head to the naming ceremony in Qualicum. The naming ceremony itself was truly wonderful to witness and I’m glad I had the chance to, my only complaint was that it went for four hours but I suppose that was so I’d get a chance to practice patience. And it payed off to wait so long because it made being in Parksville park ¬†all the more enjoyable. We ate dinner there and split off to do what we wanted, I went to go to the park among a few others, it was fun even though the only thing for us there was the spinner disk play set I’m still pretty dizzy. after we got back from Qualicum/Parksville we ended the final full day with a brief talking circle and blogging. I’m going to miss being here at camp.