today was pretty fun, the way we started the day with we went to do a cleanse with an elder man named Gary,  Gary taught us to cleanse with four ceder branches which i thought was pretty interesting, then after we went back to the main area to eat lunch.    for lunch we ate sandwiches and tomatoe soup the only reason why we ate something small like this is because we where supposed to be going to a naming ceremony. while we where in Qualicum at ceremony we ate then we where there for like four hours i didn’t really realize of how the time went by so fast!.    we left the ceremony to pan-ago for dinner to eat a Parksville   park, once everybody was done we had a choice of playing basketball or soccer and play at the park. mostly everyone went to go play soccer while five of us went to the park annnnd i was one of the five. when i was at the park the first thing i done was go on the swings after i got bored of the swings i walked around and found a this merry go round type of playground equipment and spun the other kids. after we left the park we came back and had a small group that ended pretty quick but it was fun talking one last time.