Thuy’she’num Tu Smun’eem is about building a foundation for our youth. We want to encourage Indigenous youth to continue their educational journeys at post-secondary school by showing them both educational and cultural components. The youth will stay over night in the campus dorms during the camp, under the supervision of the mentors, to get a feel for being away from home.

There will be 3 meals provided per day, as well as bedding and towels.  All costs to the program are covered.

Program goals

  • Support Indigenous youth leadership and the importance of balancing both cultural and academic education.
  • Build community of peers from all over the Island.
  • Incorporate land-based learning opportunities taught by local Elders.
  • Offer a holistic education experience that includes cultural practices.
  • Help develop confidence, leadership, financial literacy, and life skills.
  • Encourage positive social contributions to communities.