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My Summer Camp Experience

My name is Sheldon Scow my traditional name is Nu’yam’tsa, which translates to “Legend on the Shore”.  I had my own worries before we started this summer camp.  Are we going to get enough applicants?  Are the students going to participate in any of the activities we have planned?  What about the cultural events are they going to be respectful?  However the thing I was most worried about was if the students and myself were going to get along.  But after spending time with these wonderful individuals the past couple days I realize that those were just my own issues.

I’m not used to being a mentor or a role model it’s something I’ve been growing into the past couple years.  But after talking with the students I see now that I can help them with their educational journeys.  The other night at our talking circle some of the students opened up and shared a lot.  Those who shared they inspired me I see that these are our future Indigenous leaders. The fact that they took the first step and came to this summer camp shows they are way ahead of me when I was their ages.

As for my own worries they all surpassed my expectations.  First we got plenty of applicants so the numbers weren’t an issue.  Secondly the students seemed to really enjoy themselves while doing the activities we planned for them which was amazing.  Next I have to admit that the students were more patient then myself at the Naming Ceremony we took them to Sunday afternoon.  It was a long ceremony and all the students were really respectful and patient which just touched my heart they showed the respect that was deserved and in return got respect themselves.  Lastly was my issue if I would get along with the students and since its the last night of our camp I can honestly say I’m going to miss every single one of these students.  They’re a special group with their own unique personalities and after spending this much time with them they are all my little brothers and sisters and I hope we can keep in contact after camp ends.

I’ve seen so much strength, emotion, and resilience from these students the past couple days they’ve inspired me to continue to grow as a individual and learn more about my culture.  With the camp being so short I didn’t get to know all the students as much as I’d like but hopefully we’ll all keep in contact.  They’ve showed me so much about myself and I hope that I’ve helped them in any little way.

Gilakas’la (thank you)

Sheldon Scow

Day 2 by Talela Manson

Today i woke up from my first night at camp. i honestly thought this camp wasn’t going to be so much fun and exciting. waking up at 7:00 wasn’t the most exciting part but i woke up knowing that there was a lot of fun stuff lined up for me. when i went to breakfast i felt like an adult, i felt really responsible in charge of myself and having to take care of myself. after fueling up on some really great food. after the breakfast we did a true colours workshop. the true colours was about what your personality is like. after some tests about how i am like everyone got into groups i got to meet people that do things that i do and get to know more people that are sort of like me. i really enjoyed it because i got to learn more about me and understand what i am like.

we all went to go to the beach after true colours to have smor’es and reflect on are self more. it was sort of interesting seeing peoples thoughts of the beach because they have never seen it before and i live right next to it

going downtown after the true colours workshop was great because i could use what i learned to the test. downtown we ate lunch and went to the military museum. i got to learn about the roles of women in the army and how indigenous people helped in the military.

break-out nanaimo was right after the museum. break-out is were you got “locked” in a room for as hour and  get riddles on how you get out. it was really fun and being in the room was really interesting because you get to see how people are under pressure.

after break-out we got to come back to the campus and get to relax.  after a long day. after in are dorms for a while we headed to dinner and had a talking circle and i got to reflect on what it means to be first nations to me.

i really love being at this summer camp it is an amazing experience for me and it is defiantly a new one.

Sylvester Paul day one

the first day

hello my name is Sylvester Paul i am very happy here at this VIU summer camp, this first   day as been such an amazing day for me although it’s only 1/4 days here but this day has been kind of boring but i don’t mind because the beginning is one of the hardest day’s there is, but i really enjoyed the tours here walking around this big campus, on one point of the tour we saw this amazing pawn that had some fish in it. at first i thought i was going to be that one quiet kid there and not participate in any activities here but surprisingly i got pretty comfortable here and kind of met some new friends, after i got my dorm we went to our writing class which was great i learned about the OKA crisis and read this poem with this person named Don, but that was one of the best classes I’ve been in.     my high light here at this camp is when we did yoga, this is my first time doing yoga and I’m not going to lie it felt great


Sierra Pelkey day 1

Today was the first day of camp, and well it went relatively the same as how I thought it would turn out. The first day of camp is normally reserved for introductions, orientation, and basic guidelines to follow throughout  our time here. But I was surprised to see we had time for as much as we did. It’s my first time coming to this camp (I have been to the campus before but only on brief campus tours), but I have been to others with similar agendas and methods. I wasn’t feeling my best today because I woke up earlier than I usually do and I kept forgetting to fill my water bottle so I found it was harder to concentrate more than usual. I hope I didn’t miss anything too vitally important .What I want to learn from being here is anything at all about attending a  secondary education institution and the transition from high school to university life on a day to day basis. And any an all opportunities that are reasonably obtainable and accessible that I can proceed to strive for the goals I currently have as well as deciphering any  hidden passions I may have to adapt any big picture objectives. But I’m pretty much open to learning anything new.

EJ, Day 1

The rabbits and flowers are neat-o to look at.

I was pleasantly surprised  by how much fun this has been so far. I thought I’d be nervous or somewhat reserved. I also wasn’t too excited about it being in Nanaimo because I thought I knew the place. This campus has been overwhelming because I didn’t think of it as top-tier college, clearly it is. I’m actually thinking of this place as destination for me after high school because the mentors  have been such great people. I also love the idea of Cousins and the center they have here.

Once I first showed up and seen our actual schedule and other students I was somewhat bummed. I noticed there wasn’t a whole lot of us and we also had a packed schedule. At the end of the day,I feel that has brought us closer.

It was saddening to hear about what happened to the Oka peoples. Although I probably shouldn’t be surprised, the segregating forces have been in play for way too long and have been stapled in every aboriginals mind. I feel the poem really captured the essence of the Oka women.

day 1 BrooklynPallen

day 1:

today was fun we had English class we learned that a group of people can make a big impacted. also we did yoga and released stress i think and talked about courses in viu and scholarships. personally it help me be myself and have fun but also learn.

First Day – Emily Bellerose

I enjoyed the yoga because it helped with my sore muscles from the previous days. I’m really enjoying myself. I get to connect and hangout with youth around the Island and to know them a lot better throughout the next three days.

I enjoy dancing a lot. I do Jazz, Hip-hop, Swing, Jive, Bollywood, Persian, Latin, a little bit of Ballet, and Zumba.                                                                                                                                                                      Lately, I’ve been trying to choreograph a dance of an combination of Hip-hop, Bollywood  and Persian.                                                                                               

Day One Eliza George

Today was a new experience, I have never really went to a camp before, so today was different for me.  I am not really use to be around others that I do not know. But  it was good to meet new people.  Hopefully I can become friends with these  new people…

When I got to the camp today I was a little nervous, but after seeing someone I knew from my school I was filled with excitement. Then after all that I was filled with a lot of energy and it think I made someone feel annoyed but that is me “laugh”  I thought I was going to feel tedious today at the camp but is was really fun… i really think that i am going to have a lot of fun the next couple of days here at the                               Thuy’she’num Tu Smun’eem summer camp…

Day 1 by Talela Manson

Today at the start I was very nervous and what people were going to think of me. after a while i started to calm down because of the mentors that i saw that were also on tribal journeys with me. i really started to get along with people and started to become more confident. after i got the dorm i was so excited and felt responsible because people actually trusted me with my own keys and people actual look at my like i am not just a kid. just today has been great and everyone has been great to me. the things that were set up for us were so much fun i loved doing yoga and the poems but i think the most exciting part of my day was when i got my own dorm and actually knew that i was going to stay in the dorm for 3 nights and when i wake up there are activities set up for me. when i reflect on the day all i could think about is all the amazing people i met and i am going to meet the experience is just one part but the people i am going to meat and make friends with is going to be great. i am so excited to learn new things and do things i would not be able to do on my own.  🙂

Travis day #1

i had a great day its fun meeting every one and meeting the mentors i like the dorms i’m planning on making a fort in my room and i met the mascot hes a bear and es my new best friend  can’t wait for the next day –Travis

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