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Sylvester Paul day three

today was pretty fun, the way we started the day with we went to do a cleanse with an elder man named Gary,  Gary taught us to cleanse with four ceder branches which i thought was pretty interesting, then after we went back to the main area to eat lunch.    for lunch we ate sandwiches and tomatoe soup the only reason why we ate something small like this is because we where supposed to be going to a naming ceremony. while we where in Qualicum at ceremony we ate then we where there for like four hours i didn’t really realize of how the time went by so fast!.    we left the ceremony to pan-ago for dinner to eat a Parksville   park, once everybody was done we had a choice of playing basketball or soccer and play at the park. mostly everyone went to go play soccer while five of us went to the park annnnd i was one of the five. when i was at the park the first thing i done was go on the swings after i got bored of the swings i walked around and found a this merry go round type of playground equipment and spun the other kids. after we left the park we came back and had a small group that ended pretty quick but it was fun talking one last time.

Sierra Pelkey day3

Today started off off with an early start which wasn’t too bad but it made me more tired than usual, but going to breakfast helped because of the music I guess. After that we went to Shq’apthut to wait until we were already to go to meet Uncle Gary for a morning walk to go cleanse ourselves, which I found very tranquil and freeing. When we got back we had a break to eat lunch and hang out until it was time to head to the naming ceremony in Qualicum. The naming ceremony itself was truly wonderful to witness and I’m glad I had the chance to, my only complaint was that it went for four hours but I suppose that was so I’d get a chance to practice patience. And it payed off to wait so long because it made being in Parksville park  all the more enjoyable. We ate dinner there and split off to do what we wanted, I went to go to the park among a few others, it was fun even though the only thing for us there was the spinner disk play set I’m still pretty dizzy. after we got back from Qualicum/Parksville we ended the final full day with a brief talking circle and blogging. I’m going to miss being here at camp.



Mentor post ~ Sheena, day 3

Today started off with a refreshing walk through the woods on Snuneymuxw territory. Uncle Gary and his wife Donna shared a lot of their knowledge with us about the importance of cedar. We split into two groups, the guys with Gary and the gals with Donna, and did some cleansing in the river.  It felt amazing to let go of any negative energy and leave it behind to be swept away by the water.



We went to a naming ceremony in Qualicum, which was an honour to be a part of, as it is usually reserved for the big house.  It was great to see Uncle Gary in action, singing and rattling in such an important ceremony. It went on a little too long for most of us – it’s hard to sit for hours witnessing – but everyone handled it really well and we celebrated with pizza in the park after.

It’s hard to believe this is our last night as a group, especially since we are all just really getting to know each other. I hope each of you has made at least a few new friends that you will keep in touch with.  Feel free to check in on this blog whenever you want and download the photos you like.

As a mentor, it is my hope that we have inspired each of you in some way to become more confident in yourselves and the educational and cultural journeys you are on. We are all very proud of how far you have come in just a few days. You have inspired us as well, and we are confident in our future leaders – you!

landon- day 3

naming ceremony  we went to the river and brush or are self with cerd wood and water  we went to parkville we did soccer


Kobe – Day 3

  • What was an activity you enjoyed today and what did you learn from it?

I enjoyed all of the activities from today. We went down to the river for a brushing, and it inspired me to learn more about my culture and to dive into it. The name giving ceremony made me want ask my family what my indigenous name is because I was given one a long time ago.  The ceremony showed a secret ceremony for the name giving where we were not allowed to record or take pictures. All of these activities made me happy and made me think about what I want to do with my culture.  Today was a good day and made me happy. 

day 3 Brookllyn

today was fun and boring, we did a cleansing which was really cool and i learned that cleansing can help you become stronger and energized, after the cleansing it made me feel more refreshed. we went to a naming ceremony, which was kinda boring but a good learning experience in patients. we also went to Parksville and we got to play soccer and eat pizza.

Genna’s Mentor Blog Day 3

This morning I was super bummed out because I woke up sick. I really wanted to go for the walk with Auntie Donna and to the naming ceremony, but I was forced to focus on taking care of myself today and now I’m feeling a little better.

This camp has been inspirational for me. Everyday we hear something new from both students and mentors that makes me think about life and living on turtle island in a new way. Every person has opened my eyes to a knew way of thinking and interacting and for that I am eternally grateful.

From the first day everyone was talking and getting along. Like one student said and others echoed, we are a family now. In three short days we have been able to share with and care for each other.

Thank you to Snuneymuxw for hosting us on their traditional unseeded territory. It has been a learning experience for everyone.

Mentor Blog Day 3 – Morgan Mowatt

This is my first/last post! This camp has been a whirlwind. I’ve enjoyed the mix of cultural, academic, and recreational activities we’ve explored together so far. I am incredibly moved by the students – they way they’ve demonstrated their leadership by being gentle with one another, working together, and trying new things has been amazing. When speaking to what being Indigenous means to them – every student shared honest and raw reflections and supported one another as we learned that we are all at a different stage of our cultural journey. I feel inspired by these young leaders and I am so grateful that this group decided to join us for Thuy’she’num Tu Smun’eem.  I hope to see everyone next year, and witness even more growth. I know you will all continue walking in a good way and remember your family has grown this weekend!

Malakai, Ethan, Brooklyn, Sylvester, Travis, Landon, Kobe, Colby, Emily, Sierra, Eliza, and Talela:

You are “resilient as a weed and beautiful as a wildflower” (Christi Belcourt) and you are making a difference in this world.


Third Day – Emily Bellerose

Today was new and interesting; because I’ve never done an cleansing or naming ceremony, so it was an brand new experience. The naming ceremony was kinda boring after awhile. But afterwards, I got an beautiful Cedar headband.



My Summer Camp Experience

My name is Sheldon Scow my traditional name is Nu’yam’tsa, which translates to “Legend on the Shore”.  I had my own worries before we started this summer camp.  Are we going to get enough applicants?  Are the students going to participate in any of the activities we have planned?  What about the cultural events are they going to be respectful?  However the thing I was most worried about was if the students and myself were going to get along.  But after spending time with these wonderful individuals the past couple days I realize that those were just my own issues.

I’m not used to being a mentor or a role model it’s something I’ve been growing into the past couple years.  But after talking with the students I see now that I can help them with their educational journeys.  The other night at our talking circle some of the students opened up and shared a lot.  Those who shared they inspired me I see that these are our future Indigenous leaders. The fact that they took the first step and came to this summer camp shows they are way ahead of me when I was their ages.

As for my own worries they all surpassed my expectations.  First we got plenty of applicants so the numbers weren’t an issue.  Secondly the students seemed to really enjoy themselves while doing the activities we planned for them which was amazing.  Next I have to admit that the students were more patient then myself at the Naming Ceremony we took them to Sunday afternoon.  It was a long ceremony and all the students were really respectful and patient which just touched my heart they showed the respect that was deserved and in return got respect themselves.  Lastly was my issue if I would get along with the students and since its the last night of our camp I can honestly say I’m going to miss every single one of these students.  They’re a special group with their own unique personalities and after spending this much time with them they are all my little brothers and sisters and I hope we can keep in contact after camp ends.

I’ve seen so much strength, emotion, and resilience from these students the past couple days they’ve inspired me to continue to grow as a individual and learn more about my culture.  With the camp being so short I didn’t get to know all the students as much as I’d like but hopefully we’ll all keep in contact.  They’ve showed me so much about myself and I hope that I’ve helped them in any little way.

Gilakas’la (thank you)

Sheldon Scow

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