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Travis day 3 #last day#

i had fun today i really liked the cleansing in the morning i learn a lot from uncle Gary, we went to a naming ceremony it was cool but i fell asleep and there was really good pie we went to Parksvile  and i ate some pizza and then went to the play ground and i got spun a lot and felt sick and on the bus ride i fell asleep i was asleep most of all  the day so like 89% of the time i was asleep so i cant wait to sleep i don’t want to leave its been so fun we have yoga tomorrow ”yay” it painga puns well thtas all good night PEEPS


Day 3 By Talela Manson

Tonight is are last night all here together i am sort of said that i have to go. i really wish this camp was longer but the time i was here i got to meet great people with a lot of different personalities.

in the morning we had to wake up earlier then usual to go see Gary and Donna on the walk. they are my grandparents so it is normal to see them but i love to see how people see my grandparents. right from the start of the walk we all ready learned a lot and we didn’t even start walking. my grandpa Gary started talking on how your mind and your spirit are important. we all walked for awhile and got some cedar. the guys and girls separated into 2 groups the guys went with Gary and the girls went with Donna. My grandma Donna told us about the importance of cedar and how it is used to cleanse us and how to dispose of it when we are done with it so it doesnt get into the wrong the hands.

after the brushing off in the river we got to witness a naming ceremony  it was so amazing to see something so sacred. i am so happy to see my culture being used today and it is no were close to becoming dead and i  am happy it is strong and alive today just like the people are strand today and nothing will get in the way.

i really want to get to get more in touch with my culture by learning the language of my ancestors. i want to learn how to make drums, shawls, and beading i want to learn how to weave with cedar. most of all i want to learn new songs and dances i want to learn more ways of my people. this camp has helped a lot in showing me how i could do that and that i had someone to ask all long and not waste my time not asking and being shy. i have learned to be more confident and brave. i really wish this camp was longer. 🙂

Malakai day #3

welcome back to the blog today was amazing day cause we got to  go  to the bathing hole with uncle Garry  and Donna.  Then this afternoon we went to the ceremony in Qualicum for 4 hours . then this evening we went to Parksvilles beach to eat pizza and me and couple then i slept on the bus there and back so i slept mostly all day i guess.

Mentor-Lacey Perrault

Wow I can’t believe that the first Indigenous Youth camp is almost over,  all the  planning, all the nervous jitters and just like that its almost over.  This past three days have been utterly amazing and so jam packed full of teachings and laughter!  I can honestly say that all these youth participants have touched my soul, they are all so inspiring and each have such unique personalities.

I have special highlights from each of the three days, Friday was a huge eye opener on learning to go with the flow, learning to adapt to things not always going as plan and being ok with it.  The students all seemed so nervous and quiet and by the end of the day we started to see relationships and bonds being formed.

Saturday was such a busy fun day, I absolutely loved learning about my personality and the personality traits of the participants as well as my coworkers.  I also loved working with the youth in the breakout room, was amazing to watch them work together and bounce ideas off each other.  Tonight I hosted my first talking circle and my god these young people are so amazing, they are nailing their protocol already and the sharing that happened literally brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of all of them!

Sunday we started our day with a morning cleanse, and was so interesting to watch the students really engage and appreciate what we were doing.  They were all so respectful and curious.  We then spent the afternoon in Qualicum Beach witnessing a very special traditional naming ceremony.  Tonight we shared about our days at the ceremony and cleanse and it was so cool to hear how each of them felt about witnessing the events.  I feel super optimistic about our future with young indigenous leaders like these ones to take charge and make great things happen.

I am sitting here finding it hard to believe what we have just experienced,  my heart is so full of joy. These past three days there have been so many firsts for us all and I am so thankful to have been apart of this journey and am so excited to see the journey of these future leaders!


Day 3, EJ

Today was super cultural. We learned a lot from Uncle Gary speaking about his brushing and trials. We also watched a naming ceremony for a little bit. It was nice because I noticed some similarities, but it also was very tiring in the end.

I actually got to shoot around for a decent time today, that’s all a day needs to be good.

What Uncle Gary showed us this morning with the brushing/cleansing is similar to what we do at home. Not completely because it is very loosely used, especially because it doesn’t need 4 cedar branches and a river. At home we’ll just dunk ourselves under water wherever, and we’ll yell or scream once we get out to let out our frustrations and whatever’s been bothering us.

Day 3 Colby Moses

     Today was a great, fun, boring day, because we went to Snuneymuxw territory for a brushing in a river, I felt like I wanted to swim, but I didn’t pack swimming trunks and I felt like I was peaceful and self-centered and calm, then I went to that naming I told you about last night, it was 6 hours long and boring. But it was a good experience for me. then we went to that park where those sandcastle competition was held years ago and we had Panago pizza for dinner tonight, I had 4 pieces of pizza, I was surprised cause I never eat 4 slices and I just did. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see you guys again, and I love you guys lots and good night, see you tomorrow morning.

Day Three Eliza George


What is something that connects you to your culture, or what is something you’d like to learn more about?

Something that connects me to my culture is the way i help around my community… like in the longhouses i am a cook’s helper.

today was amazing! but i am also sad because tomorrow is our last day! geez where did this weekend go…  i will really miss all my new friends…  we were taught how to do a culture bath and also went for a walk… and then we went back to the building where we had lunch and then we did a little writing … well i took a nap… but not to long after we went to a naming ceremony which was really long … but i enjoyed the day i want to stay a little longer

Sylvester Paul the second day

today was a really fun day but to me there to begin with  we started the day  off with true colors activity, but with this activity i learned that my true color is blue, but there’s some more color’s like green, orange and gold.     to begin with blue is a nice and caring person my second color is gold or orange because those two colors even.                                   what i found out about blue is they are peace keeper’s,  enjoy being in small groups to solve problems,  but also the true color of blue does not do well in class if they feel unappreciated but lastly blue is not very competitive.             after we did true colors we went to this awesome military museum that had a lot of things that where from the Boer war which actually i thought was pretty interesting for me speaking personally and our tour guide let some of us look at this bullet and told us that there is a part in this bullet that has led inside of it and it would go straight through the person and would have to go to the hospital and pay for the fund themselves which wasn’t really great back then to i guess, but i’m going to be well be honest i kind of forgot what Logan our tour guide told me except the weapons that was shown at the museum.  than shortly after that we went to this ” break out” place that locked a little group of us in and we had to find clues to get out with in an hour.  there was about three different themes that was held there,     there was the prison like theme,   a 1980’s theme and this wild life theme.   i am pretty sure the prison like theme was the easy theme because i was in that one, my group finished first but we had about 2;00 mins or 1;40 mins

Sierra Pelkey day 2

Today was quite an adventure but it felt at first like I had to drag myself out of bed. Although having a routine and reason was enticing enough for me. I’m beginning to know so many people at this camp, I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity. After breakfast we went back to the Shq’apthut ( a building where we do activities and eat our meals) and sat down to learn more about our personalities with the True colors, I discovered that as a Green oriented person I’m very analytical  and thrive in situations  where I can act/think independently on my own. But I had taken the test before and scored with the highest in blue and I was sort of expecting to the same results so I’m wondering what the changes were in my personality from a month ago (that’s when I last took the True colors test) to now. When that session was done we had a snack then got ready to leave for an outdoor activity on the beach with Linda Robinson, which I found calming and relaxing but there were quite a few wasps nests that were concerning.  By the time we were finished it was almost time for lunch so we went back on the bus to go Maffeo Sutton, to have a sort of picnic lunch. In the talking circle although it was daunting it was refreshing to remedy myself of some toxic thoughts and feelings by sharing them. when we came out of the Shq’apthut it had begun to rain and it made me believe that those thoughts I had were being washed away so didn’t have to be burdened by them any longer.  Thank you to the people in the circle who were patient with me and listened it really helped.

A Mentor’s blog by Sheena on Day 2

Our second day is coming to an end and it sure was a busy one! I am very proud of everyone today, for getting up early and powering through the day’s activities with such open attitudes.

The True Colours workshop was great fun, and was a good way to get everyone hanging out with, and getting to know, different people. You might begin to recognize what colours people are when you go back to school and to work, and be able to figure out what each others strengths are.

The S’mores exercise with Lynda was fun too, and a great excuse to get out onto the beach.  I never thought about marshmallows and graham crackers having meaning before!

The Military Museum was way more fun than I had expected, to be honest. It was neat to see a whole wall dedicated to the Indigenous people who made huge impacts in the wars that Canada has fought. It made me think about how we are lucky to be alive and not have to fight any wars.

Break-out Nanaimo sounds like it was pretty exciting and I wish I had been there!

The Talking Circle was a beautiful experience tonight. I am so impressed that everyone has been willing to share their thoughts in the talking circles and on this blog site. It’s not always easy but it will make you a stronger person for getting it out! We, as Indigenous people, have a lot to be proud of. We each have a story, and we are each on different paths. The hard times that we have gone through help shape who we are, but they don’t have to define us. We are our own stories.

I’m excited for tomorrow and whatever it brings.


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