Each of the workshops provides students with the opportunity to interact with valuable members of our community and learn more about important professional skills, such as public speaking, networking, leadership, and more! 

Canceled – will be rescheduled for 2020-2021 academic year.

Jesse Miller

“Crossing Borders: Studies and experience”

Video: https://viuvideos.viu.ca/media/%E2%80%9CCrossing+BordersA+Studies+and+experience%E2%80%9D/0_1men9qgo

Jesse Miller is a 21-year-old 3rd-year student at VIU. Majoring in Digital Media Studies and a minor in Marketing he uses his interdisciplinary skill set and perspective to utilize opportunities in and abroad from campus. 

He has had the opportunity to work in Ghana with the Tourism and Recreation program in the summer of 2019. Last semester he worked for the European Union as an ESL teacher in Hungary while also working as a research assistant (and international youth coordinator for an academic book) at the University of Gyór. 

Jesse is also Queen Elizabeth II Scholar recipient and will be volunteering with the World University Service of Canada in either Sri Lanka or Malawi doing international development in the summer of 2020.

While school is his main endeavor he also does portrait, landscape, and lifestyle photographer based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Jesse’s passion for photography comes from his desire for storytelling and the power of imagery in telling them. 

The purpose of his talk is to inspire others about the possibility and opportunity of interdisciplinary learning and international work ops. He hopes that by seeing these benefits and connections others will look to expand their horizon and take a leap forward into alternative paths of learning and experience.

Gourab Kumar Das


Video: https://viuvideos.viu.ca/media/%E2%80%9CPOWERPOINT+PUSH-UPS%E2%80%9C/0_3isoyqx3

How does one grab and maintain an audience’s focus when asked to present important information? By being clear, organized, and engaging, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 can help one to do this. Come out to learn how to create powerful and engaging PowerPoint presentations!

David Hatchman

“Become a Better Public Speaker in 50-Minutes!”

In this fun and informative workshop, award-winning speaker and marketer David Hatchman will give you the tools you need to be a better communicator when speaking to more than two or three people at a time. Everyone attending will get at least one chance to speak! Topics include: The importance of body language and non-verbal communication, how to write a 45-second infomercial introducing yourself or your business to an audience, techniques to overcome a fear of public speaking, how to improve your chances of an audience liking you, techniques to avoid saying “Ummm” and Ahh” & more!

Past Workshops

Aunalee Boyd-Good, Sophie Seward-Good, Ay Lelum

“The Good House of Design”



Meet Sophia Seward-Good and Aunalee Boyd-Good who will be introducing Ay Lelum – The Good House of Design. This workshop will involve an overview of the background of Ay Lelum and how sisters Sophia and Aunalee have grown this garment company over the years.   They will speak to the aspects of Ay Lelum that make this company unique in the marketplace, including family values, art practices and cultural traditions that include upholding Hul’q’minum Law, as well as marketing channels and opportunities for growth.

 Ay Lelum has been proudly showcased in Vancouver Fashion Week and Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week. In 2018, Ay Lelum were recipients of an Indigenous Business of the Year Award through the BC Achievement Foundation. This year, Ay Lelum is delighted to have been nominated for the Top10 for the 2020 Small Business BC Awards in two categories, Best Innovation, and Best Marketer, with results to be announced in February of this year.  

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David Hatchman

“Beyond the Grey Side: Protect Yourself & Your Clients Unscrupulous Competition”

Workshop Video:


David Hatchman will talk about negative reviews and how to handle them, Negative reviews that are actually valid and what to do (AND NOT DO!) about it, slander vs badmouthing and how to handle both, how to spot if your business is the victim of Negative Search Engine Optimization, and No more Mr. Nice Guy: How to fight back in an ethical fashion.

Harsangeet & Durlabh Sandhu.

November 19th 11:30am – 1pm

Building 355 Room 203

“How I got $125,000 from the Dragons’ Den”.

They will be talking about their experience in Dragons’ Den. How was the process, and what are their future projects

Watch Affichi on Dragons’ Den HERE.

Gourab Kumar Das

November 21st 11:30am-1pm

Building 250 Room 205


How does one grab and maintain an audience’s focus when asked to present important information? By being clear, organized, and engaging, Microsoft Power Point 2016 can help one to do this. Come out to learn how to create powerful and engaging Power Point presentations !