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WestCAST is offering more than just quality presentations.


Strong Nations – Aboriginal bookstore and more… “Strong Nations provides an open service of information to support, and hopefully transform, the lives of Indigenous peoples by providing access to, and demonstrating the use of, Indigenous text in literacy acquisition. It is our hope that we can bring Indigenous content into the lives of all peoples in order to create pathways that support the building of strong nations together.” Feel free to visit their website and explore all that Strong Nations offers.

Parenting…With A Twist: Parenting…With A Twist offers comprehensive coaching to parents to help them raise confident and success-ready children. Our over two decades of working with families and the school system, have given us a level of expertise you can trust when it comes to raising children. Parents can choose to access our coaching through our video series or through purchasing the Parenting…With A Twist book. Our coaching program will expand to also include educators as the next book in our series is entitled: Educating…With A Twist. We are looking for co-authors for this next book, might that be you?

Tutoring…With A Twist is a full-service Tutoring Agency which currently operates on central Vancouver Island! We service all ages and all skill levels. All our Tutors have Criminal Record Checks and most are certified teachers. The “Twist” part of our programming is that not only will our clients walk away more proficient in the academic subject they came to us for, but also in a pre-determined life skill. We are looking to expand geographically, so check us out at the conference to see if we might be the right fit for your career goals!

Pat Trottier – Relationships Make The Difference. Connect with your students and help them build social, emotional, and academic skills” with Pembroke Publishers, Sept.2016.

VIU Bookstore


Maple Leaf Educational Systems: Today MLES operates 56 schools from preschool to high school in 15 cities throughout China, serving over 20,000 students. In 2016 over 7,000 students are registered as British Columbia offshore students in our 8 International High Schools and 3 Foreign Nationals Schools.

CINEC: Through cooperation and partnerships with ministries of education and educational institutions, CINEC promotes educational and cultural exchanges overseas through the various programs we offer such as the British Columbia Global Education Program, Alberta Offshore School Program, teacher and education professionals training program, university preparatory program and our self-developed Canadian Standard English Program.

Engage Education is a specialist education recruitment agency that partners with schools to place high quality teachers and help raise standards. Our philosophy is to work closely with schools to gain an in-depth understanding of their culture, aims, student population as well as the personality and skill sets they require from each teacher. This approach, combined with our rigorous selection process of candidates, allows us to provide teachers who represent a best fit, long-term solution that helps fulfil their potential.

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Nanaimo Youth Choir will regale us with song during lunch on Thursday.