Whitehorse Arrival – Day One

Posted by Amy on behalf of the students.

Students have all arrived safely in Whitehorse! Some of the students enjoyed the last little bit of the Rendezvous Festival, and then all students enjoyed a lovely dinner. Here are some short comments from the students about their first impressions of Whitehorse!

Yan says “We arrived at Whitehorse today!!! What a nice group of people! The weather is good, chilly and refreshing. And we had lovely dinner at Suzanne’s place together with Tracy and Dirk. Thanks for tonight!”

Erin writes “Even on our descent into Whitehorse I was already amazed by the unique ecosystem I could see out the window. I was excited to land and explore this city that was surrounded by vast forest and snowy mountain peaks. Lucky enough for us we were able to catch the end of the Rendezvous Festival, reminisce over maple taffy, and learn who a ‘Sourdough’ resident is!”

Amy says “It’s so nice to be back in the North again! I really did miss it! I’ve enjoyed wandering around Whitehorse, and have really enjoyed the crunching of the snow beneath my feet! Dinner was lovely and delicious, and I can’t wait for what the rest of the week holds.”

Lydia says “Arriving in Whitehorse was such a mix of emotions; exhaustion, excitement, and awe. After spending weeks researching the culture, the history, and the expectations for temperature and temperament, I didn’t know what to expect stepping off the plane. So far settling in has come with ease and I have undoubtedly felt welcome, especially having had the chance to experience the last portion of the Rendezvous festival alongside the many community members and my fellow Field School colleagues. In addition to this, we also had the pleasure of having a wonderful dinner with Suzanne’s family, where we had the chance to relax and enjoy a fantastic meal provided for us from a recent moose hunt from her brother-in-law. It was lovely to be able to sit and hear about the history of mining and the traditions that the family has grown up with in comparison to experiences from the other girls from around the globe.”

Nobeia says “This is the first day of arriving the Yukon where I only read about on the articles. But here I am with my great classmates and my dear supervisor. The first impression of the Yukon is so great especially the white snow and the sound of boots touching the snow land. People are friendly and willing to share their thoughts with others. I am hoping to discover more in the Yukon and I know it will be just fantastic.”

and Finally, Anna writes “First day in Whitehorse and words cant describe how warmly we were welcomed by Suzanne, Tracy, Dirk and fellow students from VIU. We had a dinner together, moose spaghetti! while getting to know each other and learning how the moose on our plate was hunted.”

Here are some photos of the student arriving in Whitehorse, and a group photo after dinner.