Seminar – Day Two Morning

Posted by Amy on behalf of the students.

This morning students partook in some seminars from their field school leader Suzanne, Bente from SIU, and guest speakers from Yukon Tourism and Northern Tales. Here’s what they have to say:

Erin: “Sarah, from Yukon Tourism, gave some amazing insight into what the market for winter tourism market looks like in Yukon. Having this insightful information will be valuable as we head out to experience the many experiences Whitehorse and area have to offer!”

Yan: “Great presentations in the morning! We have for sure gained a lot of in-depth insights. Lovely lunch at the local cafe.”

Amy: “I really enjoyed talking with Seb, the operator of Northern Tales, because it gave us a chance to ask him some real like application questions about the tourism industry in the north, and his experience with a northern tourism business. It was also nice having Sarah there to answer a lot of our questions on Tourism in Yukon and how it’s growing so rapidly, and how they involve all the different stakeholders in decisions”

Anna: “Today we were lucky to spend some time with several local tourism stakeholders to discuss tourism in circumpolar regions and in Yukon specifically. What a great way to start the new week in Yukon!”

Lydia: “It was incredibly interesting and valuable to get an overview of Yukon tourism from different perspectives, and to be able to compare it to trends and statistics in other circumpolar regions. I appreciated getting to interact and ask questions so freely in such an intimate and friendly professional setting, it gave me a better grasp on the progress of tourism in the Yukon.”

and Nobeia: “Such productive seminars we had. The magical Aurora Borealis dancing is the main attraction, thus, most tour trips and tours focus on that. In terms of knowledge mobilization, nearly all of the presenters mentioned their concerns about the emerging Chinese market. It is believed that Chinese tourists will booster the local tourism industry into a new peak of development.”

Here are some photos of students at the Visitors Centre today, with Seb from Northern Tales, and the course instructor Suzanne with Sarah from Tourism Yukon.