Aurora Viewing – Day Two Evening

Posted by Nobeia on behalf of the students.

The main focus of the evening was the aurora viewing. We gathered at 9 pm and arrived at the camp around 10 pm. The whole scheduled aurora viewing session was from 10 pm to 2 am of the next day. Amenities on site, such as wooden cabins, snowshoes, campfires, special tripods for photos, and guides were a great addition to the experience. People can stay inside the wall tent to get some rest and to keep themselves warm or share each other’s experiences while they were waiting for Aurora. Wood stoves, hot drinks, and sofa seats were available in each canvas wall tent. I really enjoyed the snowshoes that were provided for the tourists, it really enhanced our viewing experience during the viewing session as the snow in some places at the camping area was deep. There was also one tent making maple taffy that we got to roll on the snow to cool it down and I thought this unique Canadian experience was really valuable. There were bonfires burning outside of the tents during the session to offset the harshness and cold weather. The tents and cozy atmosphere really made our viewing more comfortable, took away the worry of the cold weather, and was almost like a glamping experience.

Viewing aurora is a probability event because no one can guarantee anything of a natural scenery. Luckily we did get to see some aurora last night. Generally speaking, it was a very happy trip for everyone to share the beautiful moment.

Here are some photos of the students with the Aurora, around a campfire, and making maple taffy.