Dog Sledding & Seminar – Day Three

Posted by Amy on behalf of the students.

Today was a busy day! Most of our day was spent at Sky High Wilderness Ranch where we got to go dog sledding! It was fun to interact with the dogs, and we even got to play with some puppies. After dog sledding, we were given the opportunity to speak with Jocelyne the manager at the ranch, about operations and answered some questions about dog sledding culture, and just her history with Dog sledding and operating a tourism business. It was a great learning experience for us, students, to have this type of conversation.

After warming up in the large yurt and enjoying some snacks at the ranch, we headed back down into town through an incredibly beautiful scenic drive. The mountains were very visible and so far this is one of my favorite things about being in Whitehorse, being nestled in all these mountains.

We then went to meet with Paul Sparling who currently owns a commercial ice fishing business. He wanted to talk to us and hear our opinions on his idea for taking visitors out ice fishing with him since many people are very interested in what he does. It was interesting to see the perspective of his business from a different industry with him wanting to get involved in tourism, we also all appreciated the learning experience to have discussions and give our input on different ideas.

Here are some photos of the student’s dog sledding, with the puppies, and the mountains on the drive back in.