Kicksledding – Day Four

Posted by Anna on behalf of the students.

So finally, the long-awaited day was here, we were about to hit Marsh lake with kicksleds! Coming from Finland, kicksledding was something familiar to me and something I very much relate to my childhood. Could there be any better way to spend a day in Yukon than explore its beautiful nature with Finnish-made sleds?

Well, like with most of the winter activities, today we were also under the influence of mother nature and it decided that there’s not going to be a trip to the lake as the trails were covered with snow and the wind was blowing hard as well. Our lovely host Anne, the owner of the Kicksled Revolution, however, had made a plan B like every responsible tour operator does to make sure that we all have a pleasant experience and return back sound and safe.

We started the day from the office of Kicksled Revolution and had a little talk about the history of kicksledding. The plan B was to make a little 4K tour at S.S. Klondike National Historic Site. We started the trip with a short introduction to techniques and hit the trails and hit them pretty fast in order to keep us warm. This time it wasn’t that much about enjoying the landscape but to keep moving and enjoy the physical part of kicksledding. It was so nice to get active and see a little bit around Yukon river.

Let’s start the Kicksled revolution!

Here are some photos of the students on kicksleds, and talking with Anne