Hot Stuff in a Cool Place – Day Five Afternoon

Posted by Lydia on behalf of the students

The art walk and glass blowing today was probably my favourite activity of the trip (so far)! It was so nice to see what local artists in the area are creating and to be able to create something ourselves at the Lumel glass blowing studio.

We walked around downtown and hopped into a couple of art studios that were in the middle of developing new exhibits, all of which were created by Yukon artists and a few others from across Canada. I was particularly interested in the artist co-op, “Yukon Artists @ Work”, where there are over 20 members of the not-for-profit with their artwork on display and available for purchase. Art is such a beautiful way to express different cultures through visual talent.

Our next stop was the Lumel Studio. The work that Lumel does to help the community is incredibly admirable, offering workshops and opening up the studio for anyone, including the “River Walkers”, disenfranchised youth, and elderly community members, to come in and be involved in creating such beautiful pieces. We also had the pleasure of seeing a small group of Grade 7s at the studio who were making icicles to be put on display in the community. The team is full of such enthusiastic characters, Mark and Tyler were super helpful in guiding us to make our own glass flowers and blown glass floats. Lumel is so open and community-conscious; they really are “The Happiness Factory”.

Here are some photos of the students creating their class creations