Yukon Wildlife Reserve and Takhini Hot Pools – Day Six

Posted by Yan on behalf of the students.

Today was such a sunny day, we began our last day of this field trip at the Bean North Café. We had some nice soups, fresh bagel sand some cookies for dessert. We then went to the Yukon Wildlife reserve which is a unique wildlife viewing opportunity featuring 12 species of northern Canadian mammals. Our tour guide Lindsey took us on a 5 km loop around the area and we got to see the wood bison, Canada lynx, arctic foxes, woodland caribou, thin horn sheep, mountain goat and more. Lindsey also explained to us that the animals here have plentiful space, are well-cared for and healthy. Yukon Wildlife reserve offers a very educational tours, interpretive tours to all visitors, and some workshops for people as well.

We then came to the famous Takhini Hot Pools! The hot springs have been operated for more than 100 years. It has a relaxing 36° and 42° Celsius, with water entering the pool at 47 degrees. The water in the pool is natural and rich in minerals. The students indeed enjoyed the warm water after spending some time outside in -18° cold air. They dipped their hair in the water and tried the hair freezing contest.

Then we had dinner at the Balsam café. We had a nice discussion about what we have learnt in this week and we all can’t believe how time flies. Each of us asked a question and everyone took turn to answer it. The field trip is officially closed and everyone is sad to say goodbye.

Students then headed back into town where they picked up their finished glasswork from Lumel, and are now packing to leave tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of students in the Wildlife Reserve and Takhini Hot Pools: