About the Course Leader

Dr. Suzanne de la Barre teaches in Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) Recreation and Tourism program (https://management.viu.ca/recreation-and-tourism), as well as the Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management (https://management.viu.ca/sustainable-leisure-management). During 2015-2017 she was part of a pan-polar team collaborating under the University of the Arctic (Northern Tourism Thematic Network) umbrella who developed and delivered a graduate certificate in northern tourism (as part of a High North Programme pilot project, UiT, The University of Norway). Suzanne is a geographer and an international Arctic tourism scholar with over 20 years of research and applied experience. When not teaching at VIU, she returns to the Yukon, which has been her home-base for over 25 years. To better understand the bigger north, she spent two years living in northern Sweden where she was a post doctorate research associate in the Geography Department at Umeå University. She is a steering committee member for the International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN), and one of the coordinators for their 6th conference and community tour, to be held in the Yukon from June 22-28, 2018.

Suzanne in northern Sweden.

From Suzanne’s website:

I have a lifelong love affair with ‘the North’ which began at our family kitchen table when I was a child.  My father, Ken de la Barre, was the Director of the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) for much of my childhood. Through his work and passion for the Arctic, and because my mother loved to cook and entertain, we shared food with many guests from across the circumpolar world and were involved in discussions that shaped my interests and what I care about. It also involved spending summers on the shores of the Yukon’s Kluane Lake at the AINA Research Station Base Camp. I am passionate about my northern home, its wonderful communities and people, and I am always keen to showcase the outstanding learning opportunities it has to offer.

For more information about Suzanne, go to: http://wordpress.viu.ca/sdelabarre/. To contact the course leader, please email: suzanne.delabarre@viu.ca

To learn more about the 6th IPTRN in the Yukon, go to: tps://sites.google.com/view/polartourismresearch/6th-iptrn-yukon-2018