CBC Radio Interview

Posted by Suzanne de la Barre While in Whitehorse, students were given an opportunity to go live on CBC North’s Yukon morning show – A new day hosted by Sandy Coleman.  On March 2nd, Suzanne was accompanied on by Erin, Nobeia, and Anna to discuss how the students were enjoying their time in the Yukon, how they hoped to apply their […]

Winter Forest School – Day Five Morning

Posted by Erin on behalf of the students Wow, another amazing day in the Yukon! This morning we had the fortunate opportunity to join Emily Payne and Erin Nicolardi as part of their Rivers to Ridges Forest School Program they offer in Whitehorse. As recent winners of the prestigious Arctic Inspiration Prize, I was excited […]

Kicksledding – Day Four

Posted by Anna on behalf of the students. So finally, the long-awaited day was here, we were about to hit Marsh lake with kicksleds! Coming from Finland, kicksledding was something familiar to me and something I very much relate to my childhood. Could there be any better way to spend a day in Yukon than […]

Seminar – Day Two Morning

Posted by Amy on behalf of the students. This morning students partook in some seminars from their field school leader Suzanne, Bente from SIU, and guest speakers from Yukon Tourism and Northern Tales. Here’s what they have to say: Erin: “Sarah, from Yukon Tourism, gave some amazing insight into what the market for winter tourism […]