This page outlines details about Portfoliopalooza, a series of hands-on portfolio and writing sessions, that from May 6 – 9, 2019. Contact: Tine Reimers


A Week of Workshops and Hands-On Sessions for Building the Portfolio of your Choice

The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning (CIEL) is offering a lively week of hands-on sessions designed to help you begin (or perfect!) your portfolio in preparation for a submission to the Recognition of Achievement in Teaching and Learning (or if you are just interested in putting together a portfolio to reflect on your own contributions without submitting for recognition).

Join us for events  that will help you with the portfolio of your choice!

We will start the week with a workshop on each kind of portfolio among which you can choose (Mini, Course, Teaching, or Leadership). We will also host a lunch featuring an in-depth discussion of the intention and process of the Recognition of Achievement in Teaching and Learning.

Sessions during the week also include an introduction to and help with online portfolio development, and information on taking advantage of and learning from peer observations of teaching. Participants are welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as they like over the four days.

There will also be Writing Intensives with opportunities for peer feedback and ample opportunities for individual consultations with CIEL staff. The week of activities will culminate in a celebratory lunch where participants will have the chance to share their portfolio progress at a fun “Portfolio Slam”.

See the Portfoliopalooza Details to help you choose which events will be most useful to you.

For a quick overview of the events, please see Portfoliopalooza at a Glance

See the Detailed Portfoliopalooza Schedule for more information, or contact