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Collaborative Learning

D2L FUSION Conference: Key Take-Aways for Higher Ed

D2L’s annual FUSION conference (Reach Every Learner) for its customers was held July 19-20 in Las Vegas. This is a summary of the key take-aways for higher education faculty and support staff with a focus on Brightspace (D2L’s learning environment). Much… Continue Reading →

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Alan Gilchrist on coordinating group work and using problem based learning

Alan Gilchrist from Geography shares his strategies for organizing successful group work. In this video Alan shares his strategies for implementing problem-based learning

Helping Hands

By Student Teacher, Year 5 Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education, VIU During our February, two-week practicum myself, and two other student teachers had the opportunity to host Jump Rope for Heart. Jump Rope for Heart is a great event… Continue Reading →

Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

By Dean Kesteloot, Student Teacher, Year 5 Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education, VIU In the words of popular 90’s rapper Vanilla Ice, “stop, collaborate and listen!” Following a proposal to increase teacher collaboration at a school board meeting, I… Continue Reading →

Group Exams – A Testimonial

by Sandra Johnstone, Teaching Faculty, Faculty of Science and Technology, VIU Finally jumping on the bandwagon I’ve been intrigued by the idea of group exams for a while, but hadn’t got around to testing out the idea in any of… Continue Reading →

Teaching Circles: Using Skilled and Experienced Alumni

by Greg Klimes, Teaching Faculty, RMOT, Faculty of Science and Technology, Vancouver Island University One of the nicest rewards I’ve experienced here at VIU occurs each year when I invite several alumni from the RMOT program to assist in the… Continue Reading →

Walking a Mile in Their Shoes: Reflections on Learning

by Doris Carey, Faculty Member, Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation, VIU When designing a course, writing a syllabus, preparing assignments and deciding on assessment strategies, I try to remember how I felt about my instructors’ design decisions when I… Continue Reading →

The Layers of being a Kindergarten French Immersion Student Teacher

by Stagiaire en Maternelle, Student Teacher, Year 5 Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education, VIU (written as part of a Principles of Teaching and Learning Course) When I first walked into the class, there were 21 little students from different… Continue Reading →

Best Course Ever!

by Marilyn Assaf, Communications Officer, University Relations, VIU Reflecting upon my undergraduate experience at Vancouver Island University, my thoughts immediately turn to the best course ever! It was a third-year elective called Fostering Leadership Development, and it was the last… Continue Reading →

Collaboration and Creativity in Action

By Sherryl Maglione, Teaching Faculty Member, Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation, VIU Today revealed one of those ‘aha’ moments that teachers are occasionally humbled to experience. At the beginning of the term, my main focus as facilitator is to… Continue Reading →

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