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Learning to Learn Online: An Open Educational Resource (OER) for Students and Instructors

For months now, members of the CIEL have been shouldering questions about how to help students be effective online learners. Now, thanks to some student authors and the power of Pressbooks, the world of higher education is privy to a… Continue Reading →

Learning to Learn: Student Study Strategies for Success!

The start of the school year is always an exciting time for learning. It is also an excellent time to share learning strategies with students (and faculty) to assist them in being better learners. The past month I’ve visited many… Continue Reading →

Student Panel Highlights on the topic of “What Helps Me Learn”

In our August 2014 New Faculty Orientation we invited a group of diverse students representing various faculties to discuss their academic experiences around what helps them learn at VIU.  We have compiled a series of very brief clips (30 seconds-3 minutes) of these students talking… Continue Reading →

Goal Setting, Planning (and Monitoring) Skills Part 2: How To Avoid Becoming A One Trick Pony

By Sharon Kelly, Teaching Faculty Member and Degree Advisor, Faculty of Management/Educational Counsellor, Student Affairs, VIU Pardon the mini essay tone of this blog post: I think I wrote this as much for me as for you! Goal setting and… Continue Reading →

The Post-Assessment Reflection (PAR)

by Jessie Key, Teaching Faculty Member, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, VIU As an instructor, it is really frustrating and disappointing when students receive back a marked assessment (Quiz, Test, Report etc.), look at the grade and… Continue Reading →

Walking a Mile in Their Shoes: Reflections on Learning

by Doris Carey, Faculty Member, Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation, VIU When designing a course, writing a syllabus, preparing assignments and deciding on assessment strategies, I try to remember how I felt about my instructors’ design decisions when I… Continue Reading →

The difficulty with Difficulty, or Why we should quit whining and embrace The Struggle

by Sandra Johnstone, Teaching Faculty, Faculty of Science and Technology, VIU “Appropriate difficulty” I participated in a CIEL discussion group recently where the topic was “Effective Teaching”. We had been provided with materials that detailed surveys of university instructors and… Continue Reading →

Teaching Metacognition: Learning in Mutable

By Sharon Kelly, Teaching Faculty Member and Degree Advisor, Faculty of Management/Educational Counsellor, Student Affairs, VIU I believe in people’s ability to grow, change and develop over time – it was something my mother taught me.  This great potential for… Continue Reading →

Metacognitive Teaching Strategies: Ways to Help Students Learn about Learning

This past week I hosted a community of practice group for teaching faculty members on the topic of metacognition. They were asked to skim/read over a variety of articles/videos/web summaries (see for the resources). We then made a list… Continue Reading →

Metacognition: Valuable Resources on Thinking about Thinking

  I am fascinated by the field of metacognition. I am fascinated by this notion of ‘learning how to learn’ because I don’t think I really understood learning until I became a teacher. I know I didn’t understand the learning… Continue Reading →

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