To apply to the Biology Honours program, students need to identify a faculty member who is willing to supervise the BIOL 491 research project. In some cases, students can also identify a co-supervisor external to the Biology Department.

Eligibility for admission: The requirements for admission are:

☐   Current enrolment in the Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology;

☐   Minimum GPA of 3.67 (A-) on the most recent 45 credits of study;

☐   Completion of all required 100-level courses; and,

☐   Completion of at least 21 credits of required 200-level courses including MATH 203 (Biometrics) before the start of the BIOL 491 research project.

NOTE: Space may be limited, so admission to the program is not guaranteed even if eligibility is met.

Graduation requirement: Biology Honours students need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.67 (A-) on all 3rd and 4th year biology courses to graduate from an Honours program, and must achieve a minimum grade of A- in BIOL 491 – (Undergraduate Research Project). Students who complete the Honours requirements but do not meet these grade requirements will graduate with the Major in Biology.

Biology Honours Program Application Form

Deadline: Please complete and return to the Chair of the Biology Department by the due date for BIOL 491 application forms (early February each year).