Goal Planning System (GPS)

What is GPS?

GPS is a tool to help you plan your educational path and to ensure that you have all the credits needed to complete a VIU degree. It shows how the courses already taken apply to the degree and it highlights courses that are still needed to complete the desired goal. You can also use GPS to explore different degree options to determine the courses you need.

Tracking your declared goals with GPS

When you declare your goal(s), your Degree Advisor will officially “declare” those in GPS.

  1. Access GPS in your student record through a link in the left menu under “Academics”. Alternately, you can click this link to launch GPS directly (https://viu.conclusivesystems.net/login.html).
  2. Select the “Locked/Declared” or “Advisor version” academic goal (if it has already been set up).
    • Your declared goal is labelled “Locked” and “Advisor version”, which indicates that your declared goal is set up for your Degree Advisor to add comments and/or include exceptions or waivers.
    • Remember that your declared goals can be changed at anytime by contacting your Degree Advisor.
  3. Click “Create Audit”. This takes you to a screen that displays an audit of all degree requirements, including those that have been met with courses you have already completed (green checkmark) and those that are still outstanding (red Xs).
    • The GPS layout is generally similar to the matching program grid, although the Electives section may be displayed at a different location.
    • Exceptions and comments included by your Degree Advisor are displayed in brown writing.
    • Courses in which you are enrolled are indicated by grades of “ENR”. Note that waitlisted courses do not show up in GPS audits.

NOTE: Contact your Degree Advisor if you see any information that appears to be incorrect in your GPS, or if you have any questions.

Exploring goals with GPS

You can also use GPS to explore other VIU program options by setting up additional goals, without impacting your declared goal, or if you have not yet declared your goal(s).

GPS is intended to be quite self-explanatory, and you cannot “break” or change anything in your record by using it, so feel free to play around with it. Simply delete any goals that you do not want to keep.

  1. Access GPS in your student record through a link in the left menu under “Academics”. Alternately, you can click this link to launch GPS directly (https://viu.conclusivesystems.net/login.html).
  2. Select “Add” under Academic Goal.
  3. Select “Vancouver Island University” and the current calendar year.
    • You will then see a list of all science and non-science credentials offered at VIU.
  4. Select the credential(s) and goal(s) of interest you would like to explore.
  5. When finished selecting, name your selection (or leave blank to autogenerate a name), and save it.
    • These are unofficial goals for your use only, and you can create as many as you like.
  6. Click “Create Audit” to view an audit with your unofficial goals.
    • NOTE: The Elective section of your unofficial audit may not be accurate. The correct number of credits required for a given goal can be confirmed by consulting the matching program grid.

If you are interested in learning more about programs outside of the Bachelor of Science, you should contact the appropriate Program Advisor.