The Big Pivot: Podcast Bites from VIU Faculty Shifting to Alternate Delivery

In this series of podcasts, I wanted to collect and share stories from VIU faculty who have pivoted, or who are pivoting, to an alternate delivery method. Which is all of us. I wanted to capture at this moment in time what’s happening, and how we’re all getting through this as best we can. And I want to say that these podcasts aren’t meant to necessarily highlight superstars or success stories or best practices—but they might–actually I’ve listened to them, and they sort of do—but really, I just wanted to have the conversation, and capture it, and share it out and I think there’s a lot of value in that. And I think we’ll see a lot of each other in these stories, even if we’re not seeing a lot of each other in person these days.

Podcast 1: Amelia Horsburgh from the English department shares her experiences of pivoting while staying true to the tenets of her teaching: demonstrating empathy, inclusivity and kindness .in the virtual classroom

Inclusivity and Kindness in Alternate Delivery: Amelia Horsburgh

Podcast 2: Leon Potter from the Theatre Department shares his many teachable moments in shifting theatre classes to alternate delivery.

Frankenstein, Public Speaking and London’s West End: Leon Potter

Podcast #3: Stephen Javorski from Child and Youth Care discusses how creativity, collaboration and a virtual campfire has inspired his alternate delivery teaching, including how practicums are pivoting.

The Virtual Campfire and Adventure Based Therapy: Stephen Javorski

Podcast #4: The podcast that wasn’t. The first podcast I recorded suffered from a technological blunder. Mortified at my own ineptitude, but big enough to share with anyone who would like to feel better about tech fails, I captured the content of the podcast in a blogpost. A huge thank you to the wonderful Amber Hieb who was gracious and forgiving. Please read Amber’s story of pivoting in the Faculty of Management here.