The Share Drive Episode 10: Imogene Lim: “I’m a noisy descendant.”

Photo credit: Larry Chin Photo, Courtesy of CCMSBC

In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Imogene Lim (Anthropology) about her advocacy and impact, both in the community and in the classroom. Meandering thoughtfully through her history, we discuss Imogene’s roots on Vancouver Island, her passion for community engagement, and her commitment to anti-racism education at VIU. Imogene is a strong voice for the BLM movement here at VIU and beyond, and we wanted to capture and share her voice at this pivotal moment in time.

Imogene is the Chair of VIUFA’s Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee (HRISC). As part of that role, Imogene has been regularly curating and sharing the “HRISC potpourri of resources”. These resources bring our attention to events, debates, articles and other forms of discourse about racism.

We will be collecting the resources from Imogene’s emails and posting them below. Watch this space!

Imogene Lim