What went well: A Story-telling Call for VIU Teaching and Learning Moments from 2020-2021

A couple of years ago I started a teaching and learning podcast called The Share Drive. My intention was to share more broadly stories of teaching and learning, and general awesomeness, across our campus. I was also looking for a way to continue to recognize teaching and learning, creativity, innovation and the thoughtfulness of many colleagues.

I love the podcast even more now, through this covid isolation, because it enables me to see people and hangout and talk all things teaching and learning, the way I would if I were on campus. I’ve also invited one of my newest colleagues, Anwen Burk, into the fray as a co-host. Anwen has excellent perspective, asks great questions, and sometimes pretends to be reporting live from various locations across the globe.

Anwen and I are wanting to record one more podcast this season before I head off on an exciting PD leave. And we’re looking for a little help. The aim is to celebrate stories of creativity, leadership, innovation, flexibility, compassion, [insert any feel-good adjective here], and all that good stuff. We often tap people on the shoulder and invite them to the podcast, but this time we want to amplify the call—and give our community an opportunity to share stories about themselves, their colleagues or their students. Then we’d like to stitch these stories together into one fantastic artifact of VIU grit and awesomeness. Sometimes it’s hard to celebrate ourselves, but it’s often easier to celebrate our colleagues and our students. And we think it’s valuable to share innovative and meaningful teaching and learning moments, strategies, and approaches, especially at the end of this year.

So, the real ask: do you know a colleague or a student who has demonstrated something remarkable this year (we all do!) related to teaching and learning? Did someone support you and/or teaching and learning in a way that deserves to recognized? Did something grow out of this year in your work that you’d like to share broadly–a strategy, a technique, a project? If so, let’s tell those stories together.

If it’s a yes, then please contact Kathleen Bortolin. The recording shouldn’t take long, maybe 20 minutes. The final podcast will be a collection of these stories—authentic and local to our community—and will function as recognition of our achievements this year, inspiration from within, and evidence of our indomitable spirit.