In this first episode of our “What Went Well” series, we sit down with Antje Bitterberg, Cheryl Cameron, and their student, Heather Wilson, to discuss how the Early Childhood Education (ECEC) program moved through this last remarkable year.  Specifically, our three guests outline how they adapted to the changes in teaching and learning, and ultimately leaned on one another to create a welcoming space for collaboration and public dialogue on early childhood education. In response to the shift, the program embarked on a blog project that allowed students to “amplify their greatness” and share widely their reflections and key learnings.  Speaking with passion, and at times, poetically, these three VIU collaborators illustrate how they embraced the “exciting uncertainty” of this year, the challenges it presented, and ultimately moved toward a deeper understanding of themselves and ECE through relationship, collaboration, public space, and technology.

Episode 15: “That extraordinary event that rippled out of those beginning places” Heather Wilson (ECEC student); Cheryl Cameron (ECEC practicum coordinator ); Antje Bitterberg (ECEC Instructor)

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