The Share Drive (Episode 16): “We in Horticulture are often very adaptable” (Christine Quist, Instructor)

According to Christine Quist (instructor, Horticulture department), horticulturalists are naturally adaptable, moving and shifting constantly with seasons and conditions.  In this podcast, Christine describes her and her students’ adaptability, outlining the way in which her greenhouse skills class took to growing poinsettias at home as well as in the greenhouse.  Partnering with industry to provide students with personal grow tents to nurture and experiment with poinsettias during the pandemic, Christine simultaneously facilitated small group classes in the greenhouse and ran a class blog.  Christine would record data collected in the greenhouse and students would publish similar data and processes on their own personal blogs based on what was happening at home.  As Christine articulates, this shift enabled a number of key possibilities for students including rich, authentic artifacts and assessments (personal blogs); opportunities to experiment and fail safely (grow tents); and opportunities to connect and learn from peers (class blogs).  Turns out these were significant adaptations to teaching and learning, and are here to stay. 

Christine Quist (Instructor, Horticulture Department): “We in Horticulture are often adaptable.”

Blog Link: Horticulture Greenhouse Blog 2021 – HORT 135T – Greenhouse Production