The Share Drive (Episode 17): nutsamaat uy’skwuluwun. Collette Jones (Instructor, Studies of Women and Gender)

In this powerful podcast, Collette Jones (Instructor, Studies of Women and Gender) describes her Indigenous approach to teaching and learning during the pandemic.  Collette draws on her experiences– personal, professional, and academic, including research on Coast Salish teaching methods–to highlight the importance of respect, relationship, listening, story-telling, and humour to her teaching and learning.  An amazing conversation about the lived experience of Indigenous pedagogy at VIU, informed by nutsamaat uy’skwuluwun, or the idea that we are in this together, with a good heart and a good mind.  A powerful motto for many of us during this last year, and beyond. 

nutsamaat uy’skwuluwun. Collette Jones, Instructor, Studies of Women and Gender