The Share Drive (Episode 18): Pedagogy Impassioned by a Pandemic (Anna Atkinson, English Department)

Anna Atkinson has always been passionate about English. But she traces her relatively newfound passion for pedagogy to the onset of the pandemic. In this podcast, I sit down with Anna to talk about her transition to online teaching, the TSN-turning point of her scholarly plunge into all things pedagogy, paying particular attention to team-based learning (TBL). Anna provides an excellent overview of TBL, and insights into how she translated TBL into the digital universe, discovering that in some ways it worked even more effectively online. A passionate and articulate English instructor and recent VIU teaching award winner, Anna Atkinson will pull you into her love of collective online discussions while providing tips and insight into why it worked so well. We also discuss accessibility in online teaching and learning, and touch on how important it is to recognize the labour demands that this pandemic placed on many in our community.



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