Don’t panic little bannock: A conversation with members of the ‘su’luqw’wa’ community cousins

The Share Drive is back! And we’re kicking this season off with an inspiring episode about VIU’s su’luqw’wa Community Cousins program. Co-hosts Kathleen Bortolin and Anwen Burk sit down with Talēla Manson, Hayden Taylor and Sheldon Scow to discuss VIU’s Indigenous student mentorship program. This podcast highlights the experiences of these emerging leaders, how they each came to VIU and the su’luqw’wa program, and the impact the program is having. This podcast is an essential listen for all members of our VIU community as these three cousins invite all of us to reach out to them, to have courage in making mistakes, and to feel safe in walking together on this journey we’re all on.