The Share Drive (Ep.21): How Much Water Do We Have?

It is Sustainable Development Week at VIU, so we wanted to share an example of how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be integrated into your course design.

In this podcast I spoke with Dr. Jerome Lesemann from VIU’s Earth Science Faculty about how he incorporated the SDGs into a recent course using a backwards design approach. Driven by the learning outcomes for the course, Jerome designed his Geology 304 (Hydrogeology) course around a sustainability project that involved student input, hands-on learning and authentic assessment. Here is our conversation.

As part of our conversation, Jerome walked me through the Hydrostratigraphic that the students created as part of the project. That video is posted below.

The SDGs are not just for science courses. They are broad and far reaching and can be incorporated across disciplines. If you are interested in how you can incorporate the SDGs into your course design, please contact the CIEL at